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Hair we go again

Auditions for Rapunzel in the Village Hall

Thursday 30th August 2018 at 7.30pm

Monday 3rd September 2018 at 7.45pm (after the SGM – see below)


Yes, it’s panto time again (oh no, it isn’t etc.) and the auditions for next year’s production of Rapunzel are just around the coiffeur, I mean corner. It’s Bradford and Webster’s take on the traditional girl-with-ridiculously-long-hair-kidnapped-and-locked-in-a-tower story and is packed with great characters, as listed below.

Rapunzel – principal girl. Beautiful and naïve, but studious and clever. She’s been locked in the aforementioned tower for years. Needs a good singing voice.

Prince Frederick – principal boy. Gorgeous and charming, but arrogant and immature. Wants a life of fun that’s free from responsibility, and then he meets Rapunzel. Aaaahh. Needs a good singing voice.

Dame Trixie Bouffant – A traditional panto dame. She’s a poor, but glamorous, hairdresser trying to earn an honest living. She’s also Rapunzel’s mother (but you don’t find that out until the end, so ssshhh!). Also mother of Frankie.

Frankie – valet to the Prince. Hard working, but good fun. Needs to have a good rapport with the audience. He’s the “Hiya, kids” guy.

Witch Gothel – the baddie. The evil witch who stole Rapunzel from her mother. Lots of interaction with the audience needed here, i.e. booing and hissing.

Fairy Flora – the good fairy. She’s just completed her training and this is her first job. She’s sweet and speaks in rhyme.

Curly and Bob – the comedy duo. Dim-witted henchmen to Witch Gothel. Both are bungling idiots – good comedy talent needed here. Could be male or female.

King Geoffrey – father of Frederick. Worried that his son is an irresponsible heir to the throne. Assertive with some comedy.

Queen Gertrude – mother of Frederick. She spoils her son and thinks the king is too hard on him. Some comedy required.

Captain of the Guard – serious and authoritative. Fights off the dame’s advances. Some comedy.

Lacie, Macie and Gracie – Frederick’s social secretaries. They adore him. Gracie has a crush on Frankie.

Herald – general announcing stuff. Male or female.

Chorus roles – including villagers, palace courtiers, paparazzi, fans. Plenty to do here!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a panto veteran or a panto virgin, we do hope you will want to get involved, either on stage or behind the scenes, as this production promises to be a lot of fun with, naturally, many hair-related jokes. The audience will dye laughing.

The audition panel will be Wendy Davies (the director), Victoria Helstrip and Simon Fraser.

Please take a look at the script before the auditions. You’ll find it right here


Monday 3rd September 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall

As was agreed at the AGM in Feb 2018, the committee were instructed to invite representatives of the membership to form, together with two members of the committee, a sub-committee to draft a constitution for The Ewhurst Players. The purpose of this Special General Meeting is to invite the membership to approve and adopt the proposed constitution.

The relevant documents have been circulated by email, but if any members have not received them, please contact the Secretary, Meg Bray, at bray.meg@googlemail.com.

The meeting will commence promptly at 7pm – PLEASE arrive no later than 6.45pm.

Please do take the opportunity to read the proposed constitution document well ahead of the SGM and be ready and prepared to vote on the night. Only votes submitted in person by way of a count of raised hands at the SGM will be counted.

If you have any questions in relation to the proposed constitution we would welcome them in advance by email, to enable proceedings on the night to be concluded swiftly. Please send your questions to the Secretary.

In order to give us time to answer any questions before the meeting, please send them in as soon as possible and not less than 1 week before the SGM. Thank you.



We have a new date for the quiz – Saturday 29th September – so put it in your diaries now. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketsource. £10 for members, £11 for non-members. As before, there will be a Ploughman’s supper at half time and a licensed bar.



 We are delighted to announce the cast of our November production. Thank you to everyone who auditioned and many congratulations to those who made it through. 

May                     Catherine Staples
Tom,                    Daniel Williams
Ralph                   Ben Hilton
Eva                      Jo Mc Innes
Sarah                   Nicki Payne
Bertha                  Sophie Shickell
Annie                   Tricia Cooper
Arthur                   Peter Hilton
Reggie                 Luke Elms
CSM Rivers         Matt Thomas
Boy Soprano       Harley Boatswain
Newspaper boy   Hamish McInnes




Auditions for Rapunzel                   :    Thursday 30th August and w/c Monday 3rd September 2018

Special General Meeting                 :     Monday 3rd September 2018

Stage, Screen & Music Quiz           :     Saturday 29th September 2018

Where Poppies Grow                       :     8th – 9th November 2018

The Accrington Pals                         :     14th – 17th November 2018