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Newsletter No. 407 – June 2017

Dear Members,

Hopefully you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine that June has to offer. For those green fingered amongst us we also welcome the rain. I have had a wonderful weekend visiting some of the beautiful gardens in Ewhurst where I bumped into many of our members.


A massive thank you and well done to everyone involved – it was a huge success and the Players delivered yet again in true style. We were very pleased that we are able to donate £600 collected from the raffle and bar to Meg’s chosen charity ‘Parkinsons’.

November Production – Death and the Maiden

George was very pleased with the turn out and has cast the play as follows:

Paulina – Izzy McLean [Welcome back]
Gerardo – Simon Fraser [Nice to see you on stage performing away from the ivories]
Doctor – Ben Aveyard [Some type casting I think]

We look forward to seeing this powerful production come to life. As always we will be in need of support from the members. Many positions to fill backstage, so if you feel you would like to help out in any way please contact George 277354 or Chris 272378.

SOCIAL EVENT – Rattigan’s – The Deep Blue Sea @ The Mill Theatre Guildford – Friday 16th June

This event is still taking place – not too late to book your ticket so please do so ASAP.

If you are coming please email CHRIS DEWS (see email address above) just so that we have an idea of who is meeting at the boozer. Tickets are selling so you will need to be quick. Link below.

EAST BEACH – LITTLEHAMPTON Sunday 2nd July, 10am

Similar to last year, all welcome including the furry four-legged friends. Bring a picnic and enjoy fun and games on the beach.

Deadline dates for productions

The committee have been in discussion about changing the deadline dates and they are now as follows:

  • May production – September 1st
  • November production – March 1st
  • Christmas production – May 1st

Membership Subs

We hate to name and shame BUT – we have 121 members of which 37 are currently up to date with their payments. Our subscription is small but it helps us to see who amongst you is available for supporting our group. Tricia is waiting anxiously for your payment. It’s very easy. You can set up a standing order and you can find our bank details below. These people currently have not paid, but forgive me if you have paid over the last week.

Woods, Worby, Wilson, Williams, Wichman, Westaway, Welland, Wheeler, Watson, Vivers, Verden, Van t Riet, Mc Innes, Mc Donald, Mc Glone, McLean, Mc Math, Morris, Nelson, O’Hara, Pannell, Pinn, Rashbrooke, Sadeghzadeh, Sanctuary, Sanson, Saunders, Smith P, Smith A, Southgate, Stewart, Tappin,Taylor R, Taylor G, Thomas, Turner, Dunlop, Dyball, Edmondson, Faithfull, Francis, Fuller,Geoghagan C, Gordon, Hallatt, Handley, Hearsey, Hedger, Hemingway, Jackson, Kelsey, Leslie, Lewis, Marvin, Dean, Davis M, Davies N, Cox, Cole, Chaundy, Carmichael, Butcher, Bryan, Brininger, Bray, Branch, Bradley, Boyes S, Boyes J, Bakota, Birchmore, Biggins, Beresford, Barter, Baker, Aveyard, Arnold G, Arnold V, Allan-Patel.

If you no longer wish to remain with us for whatever reason then please drop Fudge or Tricia a quick email and we can remove you from our mailing list. We thank you for your support.

Ewhurst Players – sort code: 40.19.22 – acc no.: 71402528

We the committee are always looking for ways to make our group more appealing to a range of different people. If you have any suggestions that you would like to put forward, please contact a member of the committee.

Best wishes to you all,

Newsletter No 393 February 2016

Dear Members,

It is Valentine’s Day so I turned to my “Poem for the Day” thinking that I would find an apt quote to begin this newsletter and found that the poem for February 14th is by Carol Ann Duffy and begins:-

“Not a red rose or a satin heart
I give you an onion….”

so I quickly gave up on that one, although to be fair to her, the rest of her poem conveys an interesting concept. Continue reading “Newsletter No 393 February 2016”

Review: Sleeping Beauty

29th January 2016

A pantomime featuring characters from at least four other well loved pantos is a good idea. I have loved panto from age four and so why not get more panto characters for my money, so to speak! Not that NODA reps have to pay at all, which along with the now customary warm and attentive welcome we always get at Ewhurst almost guarantees a good review! Though even we well treated reps do actually care about what goes on stage more than in front of house. Continue reading “Review: Sleeping Beauty”

Review: The Hollow

17th November 2015

This typical Agatha Christie whodunit set in 1951 features neither of her two famous sleuths – Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot – but true to form does include a police inspector and a constable. Set in the sumptuous garden room of “the Hollow”, Sir Henry Angkatell’s house outside London, most of the characters are related to each other as direct family, cousins or distant cousins. Continue reading “Review: The Hollow”

Review: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

7th February 2015

This interesting Panto tale with a humorous script by the well known writer John Morley has delighted generations of children. The central plot in this version revolves around a hard up circus owner Sadie Spangle, the dame role, played with panache by Chris Dews. Goldilocks, her daughter aided by all the circus performers, try to prevent the evil Benjamin Black a rival circus owner from taking over Sadie’s circus. Continue reading “Review: Goldilocks and the Three Bears”


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Review: Tom Jones

20th November 2013
NODA Review for Jon Fox

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