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Ewhurst Village Hall




10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18 February 2023


Please note that rehearsals will run from mid-November through to the performance dates. They will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 7.30pm and on Sunday evenings starting at 5pm. We will issue a rehearsal schedule in due course.


Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood is a traditional pantomime that brings together two well-known stories.


Cast of characters



The narrator. Needs to be happy talking to the audience and to be able to sing.

Rabbit 1 and Rabbit 2

In the script, these are glove puppets, but they could be played by juniors or adults. They get to sing.

Robin Hood

The principal boy. Heroic, dashing, you know the type.

Friar Tuck

Relaxed, comedic and good hearted. Always hungry.

Little Joan

The daughter of Little John (deceased). Very feisty.

Maid Marion

Principal girl, but also pretty feisty

Winnie Widebottom

The dame. Marion’s former nanny and the village schoolteacher. Warm-hearted.

Sheriff of Nottingham

The villain. Boo, hiss etc.


The Sheriff’s Tax Collector and comedy sidekick. Emotional, easily upset.

Tilly and Tommy

The sheriff’s niece and nephew (the Babes)

Chorus of outlaws, school children, guards, citizens and Fair Stall holders etc. If you’re in the chorus, you’ll get to play multiple parts and be involved in plenty of singing and dancing.

Everyone will be required to sing. Apart from the Songsheet Song (which comes with the script) all the songs will be well-known. You’ll know the tune, but you’ll have to learn the new words!

We hope that everyone who attends the auditions comes along because they want to be involved, not because they have their eyes on a particular part. It’ll be up to the casting committee to decide the best way to proceed.

Children should be aged 11-16 and must be accompanied by an adult at the auditions please.

If you would like to be sent a copy of the script or have any questions, please contact the secretary.