Whose Life Is It Anyway? – an intriguing title and one which unravels a myriad of emotions throughout. The story of a potter whose has a life changing accident and is paralysed from the neck down. Doctors strive to keep him alive whilst he disagrees. This leads to some serious ethical and moral issues with a touch of humour thrown in. 

The ‘supper’ arrangement in the theatre worked well. During supper the stage was set as an intensive care room in a hospital with the comings and goings of staff. 

There was great attention to detail with the set and the props all of which were essential and used correctly. The two offices either side of the stage were sufficient and the changes in lighting greatly assisted the audience. The sound and lighting were very well set up and managed. Good use of lighting to indicate scenes with good levels. All the costumes were appropriate and enhanced the scenes and the makeup was good in that it was natural. 

This was an excellent production from beginning to end. The cast maintained a steady pace throughout whilst each member of the cast had a vital role to play in the plot and the characterisations were very varied and creative. I am loathed to pick out individuals for each and every one performed their roles to a very high standard and all are to be congratulated on their performances. 

Congratulations to the director for the thoughtful insight in the way he brought this production to the stage. An outstanding and thought-provoking production which was appreciated by the whole audience and one of which Ewhurst Players should be justly proud. 

Kay Rowan 

NODA South-East Councillor