Newsletter No. 406 – May 2017


Dear Members,


Welcome to the May Newsletter. Spring has sprung and we are all looking forward to seeing you at Quartet next week.


Firstly, the committee and tech box crew would like thank Anne Lythe for Lighting and Sound desk dust covers – perfect Anne, THANK YOU!!


November Production & Auditions (apologies for the short notice!)

George Yates proposed play for November – ‘Death and the Maiden’ has been approved by the committee. This is a gritty 3 hander – details below.


Auditions will take place at the VH on Tues 23rd and Wed 31st May 2017 at 7.30pm.


Message from George:

There are only 3 characters so all parts are of necessity very demanding of the actors.

Woman 40s…long parts, Very good demanding lead character. Her husband 40s…less to learn. Doctor male 40s-50s-60s less to learn but both strong acting roles.


PLEASE CONTACT GEORGE YATES DIRECTLY if you would like read for a part. It is essential that anyone auditioning should have read the full play in advance to appreciate the commitment required. Scripts available from George…..01483 277354.


Described by The Guardian as a ‘first rate play…..a claustrophobic cat a and mouse thriller to raise moral questions.’ Although set after the Chilean Pinochet regime it raises questions for individuals and nations about what to do about revenge, retribution and forgiveness at the emergence of any democratisation after the horrors of a totally brutal regime…..just as appropriate today.


With a title from Schuberts 1824 famous string quartet, this gritty play by Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman was written in 1990 and first performed a year later. It has spawned a film and Opera.Examining the dynamics of three people in an unnamed country that is recovering from the after effects of a violent dictatorship.


Paulina Salas is a former political prisoner in an unnamed Latin American country who had been raped by her captors, led by a sadistic doctor whose face she never saw. The rapist doctor played Schubert’s composition Death and the Maiden during the act of rape; hence the play’s title. Years later, after the (also unnamed) repressive regime has fallen, Paulina lives in an isolated country house with her husband, Gerardo Escobar. When Gerardo comes back from a visit to the president, he gets a flat tire. A stranger named Dr. Miranda stops to assist him. Dr. Miranda drives Gerardo home and later in the night he returns………..





SOCIAL EVENT – Rattigan’s – The Deep Blue Sea @ The Mill Theatre Guildford – Friday 16th June

We are getting a group together for this production. The lead – Hester is being played by Gaynor Arnold. It is an amateur performance with some professional cast and Fudge has seen some early rehearsal action as was offered the part of Miller but sadly could not commit. It’s shaping up to be a wonderful play by a new company and Gaynor would be grateful of our support. I’m sure most of you will know the play. Fudge, Chris and Rachel Dews are already booked. IF you want to join us – PLEASE grab a ticket online for yourself or arrange someone to go with. We will meet at the Weyside Pub for a pre-show drink at around 6.30-6.45.


If you are coming please email CHRIS DEWS (see email address above) just so that we have an idea of who is meeting at the boozer. Tickets are selling so you will need to be quick. Link below.


Cranleigh Food and Music Festival – 30th September – Play Reading (TBC)

As part of this event we have been given the green light to stage a Reading of Wind In The Willows (TBC) in the toy department of David Manns in Cranleigh. The organiser of the reading will send out details in due course. This makes up part of our strategy to recruit new members in the 30-50 age group, which we desperately need (especially men!)


Members needed – particularly MEN – Help please

We all know that we have struggled to cast certain plays in recent years due to a lack of chaps who are willing, able and available to audition for parts. The committee are looking at ways in which we can effectively recruit in this area but please do put your thinking caps on too. We need your help. If you know anyone who might like to get involved – experience or no experience then please do encourage them to do so. If we don’t solve this issue, we are in danger of becoming a bit repetitive and somewhat dull, terms of the types of productions that we are putting on. Our future as a group depends on having enough active members (male and female of course) So PLEASE do your bit to help in any way you can – Thank you!!


Membership Subs

If you have not yet paid your subs please can you do so by bank transfer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to:

Ewhurst Players Bank Account.  A separate email will follow with details regarding how many subs are still outstanding following our next committee meeting.


Ewhurst Young Players

Chris Dews reported that Sue Palmer-Jones and her partner with admin support from Jo Moore have offered to re-start the Young players sometime after the Summer holidays. Further details will follow in due course. Enquiries to Jo Moore


Woking Drama Festive 

Woking Council have emailed the players with details for contributions of one act plays to their drama festival on the 10th -21st October 2017. If anyone would like to put anything forward, the dead line is 13th July 2017. Please contact Fudge my email if you would like the information pack and application form.


Ewhurst Big Day Out

Jane Harry Approached the committee asking for help with setting up sound for Ewhurst’s Big Day Out at the Polo Club on the 15th of July. They have all the equipment they need but just require someone to come along on the day to set up the sound equipment and be available for any tech snags during the event. Anyone wishing to volunteer – please email her.

Thanks for reading