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John Pidgeon was a very active member of the group ever since it was re-formed in 1974. Sadly, John died of a heart attack at an early age and his wife, Shirley, gave the memorial rose bowl to the Players for the purpose of presenting it, annually, to the person or persons whom it was felt had, both on and off stage, made a major contribution to the Ewhurst Players over a period of time.


Previous Winners

1996/97 Patsy Mortimore & Roland Butcher (shared)

1997/98 Roger Metcalf

1998/99 Barrie Heathcote

1999/00 Leighton Davies

2000/01 Jane and Dave Biggins (shared)

2001/02 Hilary Pannell

2002/03 Jeannie Metcalf

2003/04 Jeremy Day

2004/05 Chris Dews

2005/06 Penny Morris

2006/07 Di Day

2007/08 Mike Fanya

2008/09 Victoria Helstrip

2009/10 Marian Heathcote & Bob Foley (shared)

2010/11 Jay Garland

2011/12 Liz Foley (Hon. Secretary 2008 – 2012)

2012/13 Bruce Dean (Chairman 2009 -2013)

2013/14 Graham Taylor

2014/15 Nicki Payne and Wendy Davies (shared)

2015/16 Anne Lyth

2016/17 Hilary Roberts

2017/18 George Yates

2018/19 Simon Fraser

2019/21* Meg Bray

2021/22 Tricia Cooper

2022/23 Will Shepherd

2023/24 Fee Fraser



*The award was not presented to Meg Bray in 2020 as there was no AGM as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meg finally received the award at the 2021 AGM, held via Zoom.

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