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Script reading

Wednesday 12th June at 7pm


Thursday 20th June at 7.30pm &

Sunday 23rd June at 2.00pm


All in the Village Hall 

Our autumn production this year will be The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers. It’s a classic Lord Peter Wimsey murder mystery and it’s never been performed on the stage before, for the simple reason that no one has ever adapted it - until now.

Here are the characters


Lord Peter Wimsey 

Very large part. Age 40ish. Aristocratic amateur detective. Described in one of Dorothy L Sayers’ novels as being “of average height, with straw-coloured hair, a beaked nose, and a vaguely foolish face.”

Bunter, Wimsey’s valet

Medium part. Age 30-40. Loyal manservant to Lord Peter. Has a bit of a bite, as Emily the maid discovers.


The Reverend Theodore Venables

Rector of Fenchurch St Paul  Medium/large part. Age 60-70. Kindly vicar, lover of bell ringing and prone to talk a lot.


Mrs Venables, the vicar’s wife.

Small part. Age 50-70. Motherly and wise.


Emily, the Venables’ maid

Small part. Age 18 -30.

Hezekiah Lavender, senior parishioner.

Small part. Age 70-80. He may be old but he still rings Tailor Paul, the biggest of the Fenchurch St Paul bells. Doesn’t suffer fools.


Ezra Wilderspin, the blacksmith.

Small part. Age 50-60. One of the bellringers.

Mrs Wilderspin, his wife.

Very small part. Age 50-60.

Jack Godfrey, churchwarden.

Small part. Age 50-60. One of the bellringers.


Mr Donington, landlord of The Red Cow.

Small part. Age 40-60. One of the bellringers.

Mrs Donington, his wife.

Very small part. Age 50-60.


Joe Hinkins, the Venables’ chauffeur.

Small/medium part, tells the story of the jewel theft towards the beginning of the play. One of the bellringers.


Harry Gotobed, the sexton

Very small part. Age 50-60. One of the bellringers.


Nobby Cranton, jewel thief

Medium part. Age 40-50. Jeff Deacon’s accomplice in the burglary that sets the whole story in motion. Two large scenes in the second half of the play.


The Coroner

Medium part, but all in one scene. Age 50 -60. Presides over the rather rowdy inquest following the discovery of the body in the grave.


Court Official

Non-speaking part. Age 20-40. Could be male or female.


Superintendent Blundell

Large part. Age 40-60. Represents the police and is usually one step behind Wimsey.


Doctor Baines

Small part, but has some decent speeches at the inquest when describing the body in the grave. Age 40-50.


Will Thoday, farmer

Medium part. Age 40. Wimsey takes over ringing his bell on New Year’s Eve when Will is struck down by influenza. Will is a key player in the story.


Mary Thoday, Will’s wife.

Small part. Age 40-50. Formerly married to Jeff Deacon.


James Thoday, Will’s brother. Merchant seaman.

Medium part. Age 40-50. Appears towards the end of the play. Again, a key player in the story.



Non-speaking role. Any age. Male or female.


Hilary Thorpe, Sir Henry Thorpe’s daughter.

Small part. Age 15. A bit jolly hockey sticks and very excited to be caught up in a murder mystery. Provides some key evidence.


Mrs Gates, housekeeper at The Red House, Sir Henry’s home

Small part. Age 50-60. Fierce, snobby and pompous housekeeper who would prefer to give her evidence to the Chief Constable thank you very much.


Potty Peake, villager

Small part. Age 20-30. Potty is sadly a man to be pitied. Discovered his mother hanging in the cowshed when he was a boy and is obsessed with ropes. Nevertheless, he has some key evidence.

Mr Ashton, farmer

Small part. Age 40-50. No nonsense sort of man, as opposed to…


Mrs Ashton, his wife.

Small part. Age 40-50. A bit of a gossip.


Post Office clerk

Very small part. Female. Age 20.  A bit dim.


Suzanne Legros

Medium part. Age 35-40. French widow who runs a farm single handed following the death of her fiancée.


M. le Commissaire Rozier, French Policeman

Medium part. Age 50-70. Works alongside Wimsey when the investigation moves to France.



Non-speaking role. Age 20-40.


Geoff Deacon, ex-con. Sent to jail for burglary

Small part. Age 40-50. Not a nice piece of work.


Mr Hensman, villager.

Very small part. Age 40-70.


Rosy and Ivy Thoday, the Thodays’ daughters.

Non-speaking. Only appear at the end of the play. Ages 6- 12.

Some actors will be allocated two or perhaps even three of the smaller parts as they appear in different scenes. Be prepared to do different accents!

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