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We're delighted to announce the cast for our May production, Alan Ayckbourn's comedy, A Chorus of Disapproval. The cast is as follows:

Guy Jones                                 Tommy Turreiro

Dafydd Ap Llewellyn                 Simon Fraser

Hannah Llewellyn                      Stephanie Kay

Bridget Baines                           Summer Woodley

Mr Ames                                     Jamie Boyes

Enid Washbrook                        Tricia Cooper

Rebecca Huntley-Pike               Wendy Davies

Fay Hubbard                              Claire Williams

Ian Hubbard                               Daniel Williams

Jarvis Huntley-Pike                    Ben Aveyard

Ted Washbrook                          Mike Humphries

Crispin Usher                              Ben Cornish

Linda Washbrook                       Ariane Lodge


Dancers and Extras.                   Bonnie Charman 

                                                     Claire Williams
                                                     Ariane Lodge
                                                     Summer Woodley


Assistant Stage Managers for The Beggar's Opera (the play within the play)

                                                     Karen Langer

                                                     Beryl Proffitt


Stage Manager                           Ben Aveyard.


Prompt                                         tbc


Director / Choreographer          Meg Bray

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Congratulations to those who were cast and comiserations to those who weren't.

Performance dates

Wednesday 31st May - Saturday 3rd June 2023


Nestled at the foot of the Surrey Hills, we're a company of cheery folk with a love of drama. We like to do things well while at the same time embracing new actors and singers at all levels, young and old. So, if you fancy treading the boards with us, just get in touch with our Secretary, Amanda Jones, on 01483 548562 or

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